A concept predetermines the strategy. All concept-based schools of the world share the same idea, same target – to reach the best possible occlusion of teeth, where functionality and aesthetics play equally important roles. Many schools have fundamentally different ways to reach the same goal. Having gotten familiar with the main concepts of the world, having dedicated many years to their studies, comprehension and understanding, I have opted for the most consistent, in my opinion, most substantiated and fundamental concept of Prof. Slavicek’s European school.  Read on

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  • gnathology

    Gnathology is a modern clinical concept in dentistry that studies functional capabilities of tissues and organs of the masticatory system. It includes study of the state of masticatory muscles, denture, joints and facial structure.

    According to WHO, about 49% of adult population snores occasionally, while 22% snores constantly. Snoring is a sound phenomenon which occurs during sleep. It may become the cause of decreased work performance, increased fatigue and headaches, and can also lead to sleep apnea.
  • frequent headaches

    According to epidemiological studies, every sixth patient suffering from pain disorders experiences facial pain. Pain disorder can be constant or occasional when opening mouth and chewing. Despite the discomfort and painful feeling, many people do not seek medical help. However, timely medical help will allow to avoid complications and advancement of disease which could become chronic.
  • jaw pain

    Disorders of trifacial nerve, dysfunction of temporomandibular joint, and facial pain prevent one from living a normal, fulfilling life and have a negative impact on one’s psychological and emotional state. Neurological complications that have been occurring during a prolonged period of time can lead to negative consequences, for example, trismus – uncontrollable painful masticatory spasm.
  • jaw clicking

    Temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome is an anomaly caused by occlusive, muscular and dimensional pathology. This dysfunction comes with pain disorder, buzzing in ears, joint clicking, dysphagia, lower mouth opening amplitude. In some cases, patient may be also diagnosed with headache and other unpleasant sensations. Timely examination and treatment allows to normalize temporomandibular muscles functions.
  • braces

    Scientific research has confirmed the fact that one’s career success is proportionate to how frequently one smiles. Statistics show that people with bite abnormalities are more likely to refrain from smiling. To increase your chances of success and gain recognition among people who are dear to your heart, we provide the service of bite correction.
  • treatment of caries

    Caries is a complex pathological process taking place in tooth tissue which is accompanied by demineralization and leads to enamel and dentine destruction. Lack of proper and timely treatment can cause various inflammatory processes, periodontitis, pulpitis, septicity and complete destruction of denture. Statistics show that among 45 to 80% of our country’s population faces the issue of caries.
  • oral hygiene

    70% of adult population suffer from periodontitis. Timely prevention of teeth and gum disorders allows to avoid advanced stages of most diseases, including caries. Professional dental cleaning helps prevent periodontal pockets formation as well as bad breath.
  • sleep dentistry

    Dental treatment under sedation with use of local anaesthetic agents helps achieve better comfort. It’s a perfect option for the patients who suffer from odontophobia, have powerful gag reflex and have anxiety related to visiting dentist’s office.
  • lumineers in moscow

    A beautiful smile makes a person more attractive and allows one to feel confident in any situation. However, congenital pathologies and misaligned teeth can take away from smile aesthetics. Effective methods of correction of masticatory system help eliminate various dental defects and increase self-confidence.
  • veneers in moscow

    Attractive and charming smile is many people’s dream. Today’s modern technologies help make any dream come true. A captivating and flawless smile is indicative of one’s health and demonstrates impeccability. Beautiful straight teeth are an important part of successful person’s image.
  • dental prosthetics

    Loss of teeth causes aesthetic and functional discomfort. It leads to the change of bite, smile deformation, serious inflammatory processes in oral cavity and often even issues with GI tract. To avoid negative consequences, it’s important to immediately seek help from a prosthodontist. Professional prosthodontic treatment will help you get back to your normal lifestyle.
  • single-step dental implantation

    Defects in the oral cavity create psychological barriers and affect negatively dentition’s functions. They prevent normal socialization and overall has a negative effect on the human body. Single-step dental implantation is an innovative method which helps to promptly restore the masticatory function and restore a beautiful smile.
  • dental implantation

    Loss of a tooth is a big hardship that causes many problems. It affects negatively one’s overall health, has a bad impact on one’s appearance and creates a psychological barrier which prevents one from socializing normally and with confidence. State-of-the-art technologies of modern dental implantation allow to restore lost teeth without any negative consequences.
  • tooth extraction

    According to clinical practice, more than 73% of people delay with visiting their dentist because of their fear of pain and possible discomfort. However, such delay can cause various illnesses and lead to complete tooth destruction. As a result, tooth extraction can become increasingly more difficult.
  • therapy

    Tooth restoration, dental rebuilding, caries treatment, root canal therapy, pulpitis treatment, periodontitis treatment, preparations for prosthetic treatments.
  • preventive dentistry

    Professional oral cavity cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning with Air Flow machine, teeth whitening, at-home whitening kits
  • orthodontics

    Bite correction, braces, aligners.
  • functional analysis, gnatology

    Temporomandibular joint treatment, bruxism
  • orthopaedics

    Aesthetic solutions to prosthodontic treatments, metal-free ceramics, veneers, fixed prosthodontics with implants, non-fixed overdentures, bugel prosthodontics, micro-prosthodontics
  • dental implantology

    Implant fixation, bone tissue volume augmentation
  • Surgery

    Teeth-saving surgeries, teeth extraction, surgeries for inflammatory diseases, soft tissue surgeries


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